Kerala e-krishi Project


In the absence of proper support from the government and cooperation from farmers, the e-krishi project, introduced by the Kerala State Information Technology Mission (IT Mission) in 2006, has come to a total standstill in the district.

Of the 13 grama panchayats included in the online agri-business network, majority remain disconnected from the venture, which has witnessed a slow climbdown since 2010. The role played by these local bodies to attract farmers to e-trade, too, has proved futile as only a few of them could gain the assured return.

An officer attached to the IT Mission said the slow-down in the sector was mainly due to some technical issues, which were yet to be settled.  A major reason pointed out by farmers for the unpopularity of the scheme was “the uncertainty” in selling out the agricultural products on time. In the open market, there is always demand for agricultural produce. However, in e-trade, they will have to wait for the potential clients to order the product.

Complaints have also surfaced on the unavailability of the previously launched special website ‘’ for facilitating e-trade. Similarly, the toll-free number launched to coordinate the trade is not operational now.

[Courtesy – The Hindu]