Air Quality Monitoring @ Major Cities

air pollution

All State Pollution Control Boards have agreed to set up ambient air quality monitoring stations in all cities with a million-plus population, to continuously monitor air quality in their respective regions.

The decision was taken at the 58th National Conference of the Pollution Control Boards held here on 22nd Feb 2014. During the session, CPCB Chairman, Susheel Kumar, presented a set of nine resolutions to Union Minister for Petroleum, Environment and Forests, M Veerappa Moily.

Along with air quality monitoring stations, the State Pollution Control Boards have also proposed to develop a uniform Air Quality Index (AQI) so that air quality experts as well as health professionals can use it as a standard.

Water quality monitoring stations will also be set up on polluted stretches of rivers. The Central and State Groundwater Boards will enter into MoUs to assess the quality of groundwater and also evolve plans to manage the problem.

Other decisions include installing continuous effluent monitoring devices by March 13, 2015. The State Pollution Control Boards will enforce this rule on industries.

They have also agreed to an amendment to the Environment (Protection) Act, particularly for imposing penalties. All these decisions will be monitored closely at the district, State and national levels.