Bio-Jet-Fuel: For Green and Sustainable Aviation

bio jet

Based on pilot plant studies of a state-of-the-art process developed by the Indian Institute of Petroleum here, a unit in a refinery is being revamped to yield 40,000 tonnes a year of bio-aviation turbine fuel at competitive rates. It will be blended with fossil jet fuel for running commercial flights.

M.O. Garg, Director of the Institute, disclosed this at a National Science Day workshop on ‘Bio-Jet Fuel-A Key to Future Green and Sustainable Aviation’ held here on Saturday.

He said that under the recently developed process, renewable aviation fuel was produced fromJatropha curcas oil through a non-noble metal catalyst. Pratt & Whitney, Canada, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. are collaborating in the project. They have tested our fuel for its physio-chemical and performance characteristics.

Mr. Garg said there was a worldwide interest in reducing the carbon footprint of civil aviation. The carbon tax imposed by Australia and the European Union on the aviation indus-try prompted airlines to run their flights on bio-fuel.

[Credit – The Hindu]