Google’s Smart Contact Lens


Google is testing ‘smart contact lens’ that is capable of measuring glucose levels in tears, with an aim to help diabetes sufferers. The technology uses a very small microprocessor, sensor and antenna built into a contact lens. Google hopes to build a miniaturised set of LED lights to alert users when glucose levels are dangerously high or low.

Google said a prototype of its smart contact lens can generate a reading of a tear’s glucose level every second, potentially replacing the need for people with diabetes to prick their fingers and test drops of blood throughout the day.

The project is being carried by the Google X team. Google X is special division inside the web company that works on future technologies. Google Glass, a small computer with a tiny head-mounted display, also came out of Google X last year.

Google is developing a variety of new technologies outside its core business, including self-driving cars and ‘Google Project Loon’, which attempts to bring internet to remote areas using balloons. Google has also become more focused on health-related issues, launching a separate company in September devoted to tackling diseases related to aging.

[Photo Courtesy – Google]