NASA Tests Robotic Refueling Technologies

manned space mission

NASA has successfully concluded a remotely controlled test of new technologies to empower future space robots to repair and refuel future satellites in space. The Remote Robotic Oxidiser Transfer Test (RROxiTT) has been created by the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (SSCO) at Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Centre.

According to NASA experts, the robotic refuelling technologies would be of great use for space technology. This technology will equip robots and humans with the tools and capabilities needed for spacecraft maintenance and repair.

By developing robotic capabilities to repair and refuel geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) satellites, NASA hopes to add precious years of functional life to satellites and expand options for operators who face unexpected emergencies, tougher economic demands and ageing fleets. NASA also hopes that these new technologies will help boost the commercial satellite-servicing industry that is rapidly gaining momentum.

Besides aiding the GEO satellite community, a capability to fix and relocate “ailing” satellites also could help mitigate the growing orbital debris problem that threatens continued space operations, ultimately making space greener and more sustainable.

[Credit – NASA]