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Pinaka Mark -II Test Fired


An advanced version of the indigenously developed Pinaka Mark-II rocket was successfully test-fired on Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014 from a defence base in Odisha using a multi-barrel launcher. The advanced version Mark-II rocket with a range of more than 60-km and capable of acting as a force-multiplier, was developed to supplement artillery guns.


Pinaka is a multiple rocket launcher produced in India and developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the Indian Army. The system has a maximum range of 40 km for Mark-I and 65 km for mark-II. With a battery of six launchers, the Pinaka system can fire a salvo of 12 rockets in 44 seconds and can neutralise a target area of 3.9 sq. km. The system’s capability for incorporating several types of warheads makes it deadly for the enemy as it can destroy solid structures and bunkers.

The quick reaction time and high rate of fire of the system would give the army an edge in low-intensity conflict situations. The system is mounted on a Tatra truck for mobility. Pinaka saw service during the Kargil War, where it was successful in neutralizing enemy positions on the mountain tops. It has since been inducted into the Indian Army in large numbers.

This unguided rocket system has undergone several tough tests since 1995. Eralier this year in May, 40 km-range Pinaka mark-I with rapid salvos successfully test-fired thrice from a multi-barrel launcher at an armament base near Balasore in Odisha. According to defence sources, some more rounds of test will be conducted in the next four days.